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CherryLoft is aware of a video circulating on TikTok showing our swimming pool. We urge members of the public to refrain from speculation and would like to firmly assure everybody that our swimming pools have always undergone regular chemical servicing and mechanical cleaning twice monthly with professional contractors to ensure the safety and enjoyment of our guests. 

Recently, CherryLoft had identified wear and tear in the pool’s motor and pump equipment and decided to close off the swimming pool for the safety of guests whilst we worked to replace the equipment.

The safety of guests is always our utmost priority. 

The pools were also cordoned off immediately and no guests were allowed to swim.

CherryLoft also immediately put up notices on our website to inform guests of this inconvenience. 

CherryLoft is working round the clock with contractors to replace the motor and pumps as soon as possible, but the suitable models are unavailable to source immediately. 

CherryLoft regrets the inconvenience this has caused guests, and is working with our contractors to resolve the problems as soon as possible. We once again would like to reinstate that guest safety is our utmost concern, and we regretfully have to keep the pool closed until we are satisfied that we can ensure the safety of all guests and pool users.

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